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      YG290A American Standard drying rate tester
        It is suitable for testing the drying time and drying rate of knitted fabrics or any fast drying fabrics (including socks, towels).
        The instrument to simulate human sweat and sweat drying process on cloth, heating plate above the cloth placed in constant temperature 37℃, in the central heating plate drops 0.2ml water, the cloth with a wind speed of a 1.5m/s sample drying. The instrument tests the change of the cloth temperature by the infrared temperature sensor. Judge whether the cloth is dry or not. Test the drying time to get the drying speed.
        AATCC 201
        290A the drying rate tester is a full automatic drying rate test instrument designed according to the requirements of the AATCC 201 test standard in the United States.The high precision temperature sensor and wind speed sensor are used, and the precision dripping device can automatically test the drying time and the drying rate of the fabric.The test host has its own control panel and display screen. It can do all the tests without connecting to the computer. It can also transmit data through the wireless WiFi and the computer. The data is displayed and saved in curves and charts, which is convenient for users to analyze and print.The shell of the instrument is thickened aluminum alloy plate, durable and durable never rusty.
        Heating plate
        Metal plate
        Heating plate temperature
        Resolution of temperature display
        Wind speed
        Infrared temperature sensor
        Test cloth thickness
        Dripping amount
        Data transmission
        Wireless WiFi
        Power Supply
        AC220V±10% 100W or AC110V±10% 100W
        Shape size
        about 30kg
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