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      NW259 constant temperature stickiness tester
        It is suitable for adhesive testing of all kinds of adhesive products, such as pressure sensitive adhesive tape, medical sticker, adhesive label, protective film and so on.
        The test board with vertical hanging Adhesive Specimens in test frame, the lower suspension prescribed weights, the displacement of specimens with debonding after a certain period of time, or the ability to sample completely out of time to pull off the resistance characterization of adhesive specimens.
        CNS-11887、11888、PSTC-7,GB/T 4851 YYT 0148-2006
        normal atmospheric temperature~200℃
        Temperature display
        Temperature control
        normal atmospheric temperature+10~200℃
        Heating mode
        hot air circulation
        Safety device
        automatic power cut protection facilities with overtemperature and electric heating overload
        Machine material
        internal SUS#304 stainless steel plate and external advanced steel plate lacquer treatment
        Test station
        5 sets of workplaces
        1kg(set or instructionsmedical weights 500g
        The 5 group,99999.9 hour
        Test steel plate
        5 pieces
        Loading steel plate
        Standard pressure roller
        Machine weight
        Inner box size
        45×50×45cm (L×W×H) 
        Outer size
        Power Supply
        AC220V 15A 
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