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      NW258 friction coefficient tester
        The friction coefficient tester is mainly used to measure the static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film and thin sheet or other similar materials. The matching control software can directly understand the films smoothness and opening, and show the distribution of the slipping agent through the curve.The smoothness measurement of materials, production process quality indicators can control and adjust the packing bag opening, packing machine, packaging speed, meet the product requirements.
        GB10006 ASTM D1894 ISO8295
        1. Full digital automatic system, LCD display. The testing process tracks the friction force, and the test results show the dynamic and static friction coefficient.
        2. Can connect the computer. In connection with the computer, the friction curve can be displayed and stored in addition to the automatic memory results.
        3. The high precision force sensor is used, and the measurement precision is 1.
        4. The special design of the drive system, the movement is smooth, the test results are more accurate.
        The thickness of the specimen
        Slider size (L x W)
        Slider mass
        Test table size
        Measurement accuracy
        Slider velocity
        Slider stroke
        Force range
        Shape size
        Power Supply
        AC220V 50Hz
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