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      YG605 scorch/sublimation tester

        Used for the test for the fastness to ironing and sublimation of textiles.

        GB/T 5718、GB/T 6152、JIS L0850、JIS L0879、ISO 105-X11、ISO 105-P01

        Heating mode

        Sublimation (double-sided heating); ironing (one side heating)

        The size of the heating block

        101 x 42mm

        Sample size

        100 x 40mm

        Test pressure

        4KPa + 1KPa (upper heating block 16N)

        Test time

        0 ~ 99S

        Heating temperature

        room temperature to 220 ℃ + 2 ℃

        Power supply voltage

        Ac220V 50Hz 300W

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