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      YG571JIS rubbing fastness tester

        Used for the evaluation and determination of color fastness to rubbing for textile fibers. The surface of the friction head on a dry or wet white cotton cloth, after a  certain load and the number of times, and the friction color test, the color fastness to rubbing is evaluated by grey scale, it can also be used as an organic solven friction test.

        JIS-L0801、0823、0849、1006、1084、K6328、 P8136

        The arc test bench (the Japanese standard: the shape proposed by the Academy of academic revitalization)


        learning vibration shape

        The sample number


        Sample table

        surface radius 200mm

        The shape of the friction head

        the surface radius 45mm

        Test load


        Mohead movement


        Reciprocating speed

        30 times /min

        Preset number

        1 times to 9999 times, 10 times to 99990 times, 100 times to 999900 times three

        Power supply

        AC220V + 10% 50Hz

        The power of the whole machine


        The shape size

        430mm x 430mm x 360mm



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