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      YG571-II rubbing fastness tester

        Color fastness to dry and wet rubbing.

        ISO 105X12、GB/T 3920、GB/T 5712、AATCC 8、AATCC 165、BS 1006 D02

        1, The crank wheel is made of high quality tool steel, which effectively reduces the mechanical wear caused by the permanent use.
        2, Using the high quality Shanghai Jinling joint motor drive motor, the failure rate of the instrument due to poor electrical components is reduced to a maximum.
        3, 600 mesh paper with the most convenient adhesion, neither skidding nor easy to replace.
        4, It is more convenient for the instrument to use a small rolling mill.

        The diameter of the friction head
        16 ± 0.1mm (circle); 19mm x 25.4mm (rectangle)
        The weight of the friction head
        9N ± 0.2N
        The motion of the friction head
        104mm ± 3mm
        Reciprocating speed
        60 ± 3 times /min
        The thickness of the lining of the test bed
        0.25mm (water resistant fine sand paper)
        The setting range of reciprocating times
        1~9999 x 100
        Power supply
        AC220V + 10% 50Hz
        The power of the whole machine
        The shape size
        750 x 200 x 200mm

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