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      YG021HL chemical fiber filament strength tester
        Used for testing of breaking strength and elongation at break of synthetic fiber, spandex, nylon, polyester filament, textured yarn and plied yarn.
        GB/T 14344、ISO 2062、GB/T 3916、ASTM D2256、DIN、BS
        1. It is equipped with a standard 320X240 LCD screen, and the test results are displayed directly.
        2. Built-in self editing window, can be set freely, suitable for the test of different samples.
        3. According to the parameters set, the data can be grouped automatically, and the internal storage space is dynamically allocated.
        4. The parameter setting can set the clamping distance, the test pinch distance does not need to move the location block, the host is positioned automatically according to the setting.
        5. Special time stretching function, stretching time can be set freely.
        6. Equipped with pneumatic horn chuck, the manual horn holder can be selected according to the demand of the customer.
        7. Support computer communication, can be online, equipped with professional software analysis system, convenient for data analysis and backup.
        8. The first sample test and data processing software in China are multithreaded, and the test is really zero waiting.
        9. The software can analyze the fracture point, breaking point, yield point, initial modulus, elastic plastic deformation and so on, which is convenient for the mechanical testing and analysis of various materials.
        Working mode
        The principle of isokinetic extension (CRE), microcomputer control, LCD display in Chinese, and support for online communication
        Force range
        Full range 1%~100%
        Type 5,Type 50
        Full range
        Test accuracy
        Stretching speed
        Maximum elongation
        Clamping distance
        200~500mm (Digital setting, pneumatic clamping)
        Power supply
        AC220V  50HZ  300W
        Shape size
        Weight 60kg
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