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      YG026HL zipper universal strength machine
        Used for the stress test of zip fastener at pulling, up blocking, down blocking, shifting, and other actions.
        QB/T 2171-2014 Metal zipper
        QB/T 2172-2014 Derlin zipper
        QB/T 2173-2014 Nylon zipper
        Work pattern
        The principle of isokinetic extension (CRE), microcomputer control, LCD display, and online communication support
        Transmission mode
        Ball screw, AC servo drive
        Force range
        Full range 1%~100%
        Type 100 Type 250
        Full range
        Test accuracy
        Stretching speed
        Maximum elongation
        Elongation resolution
        Minimum holding distance
        Clamping distance
        Digital setting
        Testing software
        Equipped with online interface and professional development of supporting software, it can analyze the characteristics of experimental results.
        Power supply
        AC220V  50HZ  750W
        Shape size 665×450×1640mm
        Weight 175kg
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