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      YG821L zipper light skid meter
        Used for zipper slip test of metal, plastic injection, nylon zipper.
        QB/T 2171、QB/T 2172、QB/T 2173
        Test mode
        According to the international preferred CRE principle, the maximum force value (zipper skid) when the zipper is drawn to the specified position is measured.
        Force measuring system
        Resistance strain measuring force sensor.
        Force range
        Force measurement precision
        Sampling length
        50-500mm(Arbitrary setting)
        Stretching speed
        100~1500mm/min (Digital setting)
        Display output
        Chinese liquid crystal screen, data can be querying
        Data processing
        ≤1000 times test
        Use power
        Ac220V±10%  50Hz
        Shape size
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