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      YG825L button test machine (Mechanical)
        This test is to define the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure clothing buttons, buttons and fasteners can be properly fixed in the garment, prevent from dangerous clothing buttons, baby swallowed a chance. Therefore, all the buttons, buttons and fixings on the garment must be tested by the button strength tester.
        16 CFR 1500.51-53  ASTM PS79-96
        Standard configuration
        Tension seat; Push and pull meter; Three claw forceps; Tension forceps; Bottom fabric jig; Correction weight; Outer size: 280×220×780mm
        Operational guidance
        Install the fixture with the test button and lock the test sample to the base.
        Put down the clamp, fasten the button and pull it up. Each button can bear at least 17 pounds pulling force (i.e. 7.72kg) and need to keep 10 seconds, without any traces of loosening or breakage. At the same time, at least 20 buttons should be tested at the same time.
        If one of the buttons is loosened or damaged or must be retested, it must be retested.
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