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      YG825L button test machine (Electronic)
        This test is to define the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure clothing buttons, buttons and fasteners can be properly fixed in the garment, prevent from dangerous clothing buttons, baby swallowed a chance. Therefore, all the buttons, buttons and fixings on the garment must be tested by the button strength tester.
        16 CFR 1500.51-53  ASTM PS79-96
        Work pattern The principle of constant speed elongation (CRE), microcomputer control, and computer support for connecting communication
        Force range
        Full range 1%~100%
        Model Type 50 Type 250 Type 500
        Full range 500N 2500N 5000N
        Test accuracy
        Stretching speed
        Effective range
        Clamping method
        Power supply AC220V 50Hz 200KW
        Shape size 670×480×1440mm
        Weight 147kg
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