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      YG571-III rubbing fastness tester
        Color fastness to dry and wet rubbing.
        ISO 105X12、GB/T 3920、GB/T 5712、AATCC 8、AATCC 165、BS 1006 D02
        1. Linear slideway sliding, DC motor drive, PI control algorithm speed control, so that the instrument runs smoothly and the noise is low. 
        2. This instrument is operated for no pole speed regulation, and the customer is free to set speed according to the test requirements. 
        3. The user can set up the required mode of work according to the needs, and the instrument has a variety of options: 
           Counting method: number count, time count; 
           Counting mode: add count, reduce count. 
        4. Pneumatic clamping, clamping uniform not skidding; pneumatic lifting grinding head, the test completed the automatic lifting grinding head; pneumatic automatically drop the grinding head; simple operation. 
        5. The instrument is independently controlled by two workstations, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
        Double station independent control 
        Friction head pressure
        Friction head
        round diameter 16mm; rectangle 19 x 25.4mm 
        The head stroke of friction
        104 ± 3mm 
        The range of speed regulation
        (40~80) ± 2r/min 
        Two kinds of counting methods
        number count: 1~99999 times, time count: 1~999 points 
        Working voltage
        AC220V/50HZ power: 50W 
        Instrument size
        600 x 430 x 380mm 
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